Membership and Choir Fees

After filling out the Registration Form, there are 2 fees to be paid each year:

  1. YCS Membership Fee:  $50*  
  2. Choir Fee for each Singer: $150/year or $75/half year

*The Membership Fee is paid by each adult singer with Aurora Chorealis. For Fireweed families and high school student members of Aurora Chorealis, the $50 YCS membership fee is paid once per family. In these instances, if there are 2 or more Fireweed singers in one family, a parent would pay one $50 YCS membership fee (giving one of their parent’s voting rights at the AGM) and $150 Choir Fee for each child singer. If a parent and their high school child join Aurora Chorealis, they pay one $50 YCS membership fee and $150 each for their choir fees.

To determine your YCS membership or choir fees, please use the payment form below after completing your registration.
Membership for Singers in gr. 2-12 is in the name of their Parent/Guardian. If the Parent/Guardian is also a singer with Aurora Chorealis, only 1 membership is required. If the Parent/Guardian is registering 2 or more children, only 1 membership is required.
$ 0.00
If you choose PayPal, you will automatically be redirected to make the payment. A PayPal account is not required to pay by credit card - scroll down and choose "Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card"

Other Payment Options

Pay by e-transfer at:
Cash or cheque in the exact amount payable to YK Choral Society at the first rehearsal.