The voices of Aurora Chorealis singing Northern Lights by Ola Gjeilo are paired with video of the lights from Yellowknife’s AuroraMax observatory.

Calme des Nuits by Camille Saint-Saens – A Yellowknife, NT covid collaboration between art students from l’École Allain St.-Cyr and Yellowknife Choral Society’s Aurora Chorealis.

Here’s the full version of Aurora Chorealis’ Facebook Live session April 27, 2021 as they prepare to perform the Rain song by M. Growden. We invite you to join us in song and body percussion – Go on, no one’s watching!!

At the last rehearsal of the season , Yellowknife Choral Society’s Aurora Chorealis performs The Rain Song by M. Growden in front of a live Facebook audience.

Here is the full Hindsight Virtual Concert first broadcast December 31st, 2020. Individual songs from the concert are posted below as Bites of Hindsight.

Bites of Hindsight – Individual songs from the 2021 concert

Hate is breaking hearts around the world and we need to send in our love. And, of course, sing about it. Enjoy our rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Love’s In Need of Love Today.

Fre O is a traditional Haitian song arranged by Sten Källman.  
“O brother, you tell us your sickness will not be healed. We are playing the drums and singing and weeping. You are sick – I will tell the others.”

Fireweed Children’s Chorus learned We Will Sing during in-person rehearsals this past fall, but decided to dip our toes into the world of “Virtual Choir” for the performance. “We will sing, we will sing of joy and sorrow, of the past and of tomorrow, we will sing, sing”

Fire is an energetic, rhythmic piece incorporating vocal percussion, body percussion, nasal singing, and other colourful effects to depict the energy, mystery, and drive of fire in all its varied forms. It was a challenge to perform as it required the coordination of both singing and body percussion. The piece really came to life with the addition of Yellowknife Taiko drummer Nancy Mullick.

The Women Gather is a powerful battle cry for those trying to find reason in senseless acts of violence. In singing this song together for ‘Hindsight’ we were also reminded of the events and injustices of the past year that brought people together in protest. 

For some Fireweed singers this performance is their first time singing on the NACC stage, trust us when we tell you that there are excited smiles under those masks. We are happy to share Denise Gagne’s “Do you Care?” accompanied by some photos of our families enjoying the wonders of our natural world. 

Aurora Chorealis, “I have had singing” by Zachary J. Moore – rehearsing happily together again

Between September and December 2020, we gathered in-person to prepare “Hindsight” our musical look back at 2020. Enjoy this first offering of Aurora Chorealis from the Hindsight program. Special thanks to Keith Robertson, the City of Yellowknife and the NWT Arts Council.

Aurora Chorealis, Virtual Choir, Homebound: The Viral Mashup

Music by: Simon & Garfunkel; Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros; Michael Bublé, Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies; and Greg Holden and Drew Pearson

Arr. by: Dan Wiebe
Lyrics by: Arlene Cliffe-Phillips
Video editing by: Keith Robertson
Audio editing by: Margo Nightingale

This was going to be the closer in our April 2020 season finale concert “Journeys Home”, a now ironic concert title. New words for new times. We are all safe and relatively sane. We have much to be grateful for.

Aurora Chorealis, Virtual Choir, “North” by Ryan O’Neal (arr. G. Chung)

Video production by Keith Robertson (using Adobe Premier)
Audio production by Margo Nightingale (using Aimersoft Video Converter and Audacity)

Permission and score available from:

About Aurora Chorealis: We are part of the Yellowknife Choral Society. Our membership is open to anyone aged 14+ who can carry a tune. We meet once a week Sept-April and normally do at least 3 performances a year. This season was a little different.

White Winter Hymnal, Fleet Fox/Pentatonix, performed by Aurora Chorealis

The Yellowknife Choral Society presents Carols and Choirs, featuring the Aurora Chorealis and Ursa Miners choirs. Presented Saturday, December 15, 2018 at the Centre ice Plaza, Yellowknife.

Messiah: And the GloryNorth

Aurora Chorealis, orchestra and stage builders, Dec 2014

Sound Bytes

‘Back to Africa’ Medley

A medley of clips from our ‘Back to Africa’ concert April 2013

  1. Somagwaza – a traditional South African chant
  2. Umoja – Music by Glenn Edward Burleigh, from his Nguzo Saba Suite, Op. 41.  Words from Psalm 133:1
  3. Wana Baraka – a traditional Kenyan song arranged by Shawn Kirchner
  4. Baba Yetu – Music by Christopher Tin, Swahili adaptation of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by Chris Kiagiri.  Soloist: Jean Escalante

Recorded by Travis Mercredi of Outland Sound Design