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Join Ursa Miners

Becoming a Member

Membership is renewable annually in the month of September. To join or to renew membership you need to:

  • Successfully audition, in early September, and be invited by the director to join the ensemble
  • Read the Membership Guidelines for our adult choirs
  • Pay the current year’s dues (see next section)
  • Submit a Registration Form in person or by emailing it to if you are not already a member of the Society in good standing.
  • Renewal of Membership can be denied if, in the Board’s judgment, your membership is not in the best interests of the society and the choir (requirement of Societies Act)

Membership Dues

The dues for the 2019-2020 choral season are:

  1. $50 membership fee of the Society plus
  2. Choir Registration Fees:
    - Ursa Miners:  $50
    n.b. Registration for the Ursa Miners should only be submitted after a successful audition, at the invitation of the director.

Payment is to be made by cash or cheque to the Yellowknife Choral Society, or by .  Membership dues are set for each year based on budgetary requirements. The Board makes every attempt to keep the fees reasonable through fundraising initiatives and ticket sales. A new or renewing member can apply to the President or Treasurer for partial or complete waiver of annual dues in case of financial hardship. Members may request a prorated reimbursement if they are unable to continue to sing with the choir.


We are looking for singers who can learn music quickly and who can sing comfortably with other vocal parts in a small group. Ursa Miners members are expected to attend as many rehearsals as possible and to be able to learn their music independently. Practices will be used mostly for putting parts together and polishing pieces.


  • No preparation is required
  • Auditions will include range checks, simple ear tests, and sight-reading/quick study of a short song
  • To schedule an audition or if you have any questions, contact

For information about the Ursa Miners, click here.