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Becoming a Member

New members are welcome to sing in our open rehearsals over the first 3 rehearsals in September and January.   If you decide to join, you will need to do a voice placement, register and pay fees.   All registered members will be assigned a copy of the music.

To join or to renew membership you need to:

Voice Placement   

New members must do a voice placement with Margo to see how easy it is for each singer to carry a tune and what part of the choir will fit their voice the best. Singers are asked to sing “Happy Birthday” on their own, or with Margo. This is normally private, but if a singer prefers, they can sing with a friend.

There are 4 sections in the choir:

  • Soprano - for the highest voices;
  • Alto - for lower female voices;
  • Tenor - for higher male and lowest female voices; and
  • Bass - for the lowest voices.

Each section is divided into 2, with the highest voices in each part singing “part 1” and the lower voices in each part singing “part 2”. In the voice placement, each singer will be asked to sing a series of notes to get an idea of their highest and lowest notes. After that, every singer is assigned a section and a part in that section based on how high and low a singer can easily sing. 

The best time to do a voice placement is before the first rehearsal. That way, singers are sure they are singing in the best part of the choir for their voice and are learning the right notes from the start. Singers can decide to delay a voice check until they register, but may then be asked to change the part they have been learning in prior rehearsals.

Membership Dues

The dues for the 2019-2020 choral season are:

  1. $50 membership fee of the Society plus
  2. Choir Registration Fees:
    - Aurora Chorealis:  $150 per season ($75 if you join in January) plus society membership fee.

Payment is to be made by cash or cheque to the Yellowknife Choral Society, or by .  Membership dues are set for each year based on budgetary requirements. The Board makes every attempt to keep the fees reasonable through fundraising initiatives and ticket sales. A new or renewing member can apply to the Registrar, President or Treasurer for partial or complete waiver of annual dues in case of financial hardship. At the discretion of the Treasurer, members may be granted a prorated reimbursement if they are unable to continue to sing with the choir.

Membership Lists

This choir relies on email for correspondence and communication. Membership lists are updated twice annually, in September and January. Please keep your Section Leader informed of any changes of your contact information.

Rehearsal and Performance Expectations

  • All singers are expected to attend regularly and be on time for scheduled rehearsals and events. 
  • If you will miss a rehearsal please contact your section leader, preferably in advance. All singers have a responsibility to be 'performance ready' by the performance week, as determined by the Artistic Director. Those who have missed more than three rehearsals may be contacted by the Director to assess 'performance readiness'. It is the singer's responsibility to review the missed material on their own and to get notes and markings from their section members at the next rehearsal. 
  • If singers are unwell and unable to sing they are, nevertheless, encouraged to attend to observe the rehearsal. 
  • Technical and dress rehearsals are mandatory. Singers who miss one of these must discuss this with the Director. It may be necessary to watch one performance before joining the group.
  • If you cannot sing a concert for any reason, please inform your section leader and the Director as soon as you become aware you cannot perform. 

Music Preparation

All singers are expected to work on their music between rehearsals. You will be given an outline of the music that will be rehearsed to allow you to prepare in advance and remain current if your miss a rehearsal. A copy of this schedule will also be available on our internal singer's facebook page and on our internal website.

Learning tools will be available for singers who do not read music.

Dress Code

The Artistic Director will announce the concert dress for each engagement. Please wear no perfumes or scents during rehearsals and concerts.

Voluntary and Fund Raising Expectations

All singers are expected to volunteer to help with necessary tasks, ticket sales and fundraising activities.

Membership can be denied if, in the Board’s judgment, it is in the best interests of the society or a society choir to refuse an application.