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Yellowknife Choral Society - Meet and Greet Wine & Cheese Night PLUS First Rehearsal

Venue: Northern United Place Auditorium, Yellowknife

Dates and Times: Tuesday, 5th September at 6:30 pm

Come out to our new version of a meet & greet! A wine and cheese night AND the first rehearsal for Aurora Chorealis.  Hear from the Board and Choir Conductors at 7:30pm and end the night with some singing.

If new singers are interested, voice placements can be done between 6:30- 7:30pm and again after 9:00pm.

Come and join us or come to learn more about the Yellowknife Choral Society and our choirs: Aurora Chorealis Community Choir, Ursa Miners Chamber Choir and Fireweed Children's Chorus. All singers can register and collect music and any new singers can do voice placements.

For more information, please contact at or