Fireweed Children’s Chorus

Welcome to the Fireweed Children’s Chorus

Fireweed Children’s Chorus is open to any singer in Grades 2 – 8. Every child in the Fireweed Children’s Chorus is a valued participant, and we look forward to seeing friendships grow and develop as much as our singing skills.  It is our goal to bring each child further along on their musical journey through performance, practice, sight-reading and theory.

More Reasons to sing with us

Fireweed Children’s Chorus often performs at concerts put on by the parent choir, Aurora Chorealis, and sometimes independently. The choir is also invited from time to time to perform at Yellowknife community events.

We strive for high-quality performances, which requires regular attendance at rehearsals.

It is our goal to bring each child further along on their musical journey through performance, practice, sight-reading and theory.

Workshops are held from time to time with local clinicians and/or those brought in by the Choral Society from southern Canada.

For information about how to join Fireweed Children’s Chorus, see below.

For more information, please contact:

Meet the Team

Dana Merrigan


Dana began conducting Fireweed Children’s Chorus in 2012. Growing up in Stephenville, NL she came to appreciate music first while singing with family and then in school and church choirs and small ensembles. It is that love of making music with others that brought her to Acadia University to study music. A graduate of the Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education programs she has worked as a music and classroom teacher in Halifax, Ottawa and Yellowknife since 2010.

Elizabeth Brace


Elizabeth began co-directing the Fireweed Children’s Chorus in 2010. In 2012 she took a three year break to spend time with her daughter and returned to Fireweed in 2015. Elizabeth is originally from Hamilton, ON where she started singing at a young age in church choirs and the Hamilton Children’s Choir. Elizabeth completed degrees in Performance Music (voice) and Education at Bishop’s University. Along with Fireweed, she loves sharing her passion for music with her students at Mildred Hall School and the Yellowknife United Church Choir. 

Join Us

Becoming a Member

Membership is renewable annually in the month of September (or January). To join or to renew membership you must:

The annual dues are:
  • $50 per family membership fee of the Society (regardless of date joined) plus
  • $150 per year registration fees, $75 per half-year.

Payment is to be made by cash or cheque, or by PayPal.

Cheques should be made out to the ‘Yellowknife Choral Society’
Membership dues are set for each year based on budgetary requirements. The Board makes every attempt to keep the fees reasonable through fundraising initiatives and ticket sales.
Members may request a prorated reimbursement if they are unable to continue to sing with the choir.

Payment Options for Fireweed members:

Fees are payable as a lump sum of $200 in September or $125 in September and $75 in January. This includes the annual $50 Yellowknife Choral Society Membership fee. 

Financial Assistance

Some financial assistance is available to allow as many children as possible to participate in Fireweed. Please speak with Dana or Elizabeth if this would make Fireweed more accessible to the singers in your family.

Board Representation

The Yellowknife Choral Society Board of directors requires one parent to voluntarily sit on the Board of Directors. This director represents the needs of Fireweed Children’s Chorus and reports on the activities of the choir to the Board at monthly meetings.  This position includes participation in decisions concerning the Choral Society as a whole.  If you are willing and able to make this commitment, please let Dana and/or the Board ( ) know that you would like to be nominated to the Board at the AGM.

The Yellowknife Choral Society AGM is to be determined.

All parents are encouraged to attend.  YCS Membership is per family.  One adult per family whose membership is in good standing is eligible to vote at the AGM.

Rehearsal Schedule 2021-2022 season

  • Fireweed’s has begun meeting on Zoom as of Thursday October 7, 2021. In person singing is *on hold* until it is deemed safe to bring children from different school bubbles together.
  • Fireweed Directors send this message:

We are very much looking forward to meeting you and your children at our first rehearsal of the season. Unfortunately, that will not be able to happen this week. The Office of the Chief Public Health Officer has requested that we delay our season.

We had hoped that at the very least we would be able to meet in person for some musical, non-singing activities while getting to know one another, but the ongoing outbreak in Yellowknife, Ndilo & Dettah has put a pause on our plans. We are cooperating with the OCPHO so that we can have successful and safe singing season again this year. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will be in touch to confirm a new start date as soon as possible. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns

Dress Code for Performances

The standard dress is Fireweed Shirts (provided) and black pants/skirts.