Making Music in Yellowknife Since 1979


The Yellowknife Choral Society is committed to sharing our passion for choral music and to

  • Present regular concerts in Yellowknife and, when possible, in other locations
  • Ensure the quality and variety of our choral music is maintained
  • Develop our members’ skills and capabilities as singers and musicians
  • Play a key role in the cultural activities of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories; and
  • Collaborate with other performers and cultural groups to advance the recognition of the Yellowknife cultural community.

Our History:

The Yellowknife Choral Society grew into the polished groups of choirs we are now from a loose collection of singers who began in about 1979 by singing Handel’s Messiah at Christmas and musicals in the spring.  Along the way, musical theatre lovers split off to form Ptarmigan Ptheatrics, a stand alone company still offering musicals every spring. 

Since the late 80s, the Society has focused our energies on developing choral skills for our choristers from ages 7 to 70+.

Over the years, we have been led by talented conductors including:

  • Roy Menaugh
  • Dan Lee
  • Marilyn Morrison
  • Jackie Boersma
  • Shad Turner
  • Dana Merrigan
  • Elizabeth Brace
  • Carmen Braden and
  • Margo Nightingale.

Sometimes we offer a third, smaller adult choir.  The Yellowknife Chamber Choir was led by Shad Turner from 2006-2010 and by Dan Gillis is 2011-2012.   It became Ursa Miners and was led by Katy Harmer and Jo Pamplin from 2014 – 2017.  Jo Pamplin led Ursa Miners from 2017-2019.   

If you are interested in leading a small ensemble within the Society, contact us and let’s talk.

We are committed to ongoing learning for our singers and musical directors.   We host annual workshops with southern choir clinicians and regularly compete in the Yellowknife Music Festival.

We have hosted or workshopped with a fantastic array of choirs and their leaders including:

  • Gesualdo Six (2023) led by Owain Park
  • Canadian Chamber Choir (2019) led by Julia Davids and Joel Tranquilla
  • Calgary Girls Choir (2019)
  • Spiritus Chamber Choir (2019 and 2017) led by Timothy Shantz
  • Shumayela (2017) led by Kim Denis
  • The King’s Singers (2016) (photo shown)
  • Pro Coro Canada (2015) led by Michael Zaugg
  • Elmer Iseler Singers (2014) led by Lydia Adams
  • Nathaniel Dett Chorale (2011) led by Brainerd Blyden-Taylor

And we’ve benefited from special in-person workshops with these clinicians:

  • Reneltta Arluk (2023)
  • Rachel Rensink-Hoff (2023)
  • Erick Lichte (2019)
  • Elroy Friesen (2018 and 2023)
  • Laurier Fagnan (2016 and 2014)
  • Catherine Robbins (2015)
  • Duncan Wambugu (2013)
  • Debra Cairns (2012)
  • Brendan Lord (2011)
  • Caron Daley (2010)

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