Fireweed Children's Chorus

Fireweed Children's Chorus is open to any singer in Grades 2 - 8.
Members may be accepted throughout the year, depending on our performance schedule.
Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings throughout the school year.
The choir often performs at concerts put on by the parent choir, Aurora Chorealis, and sometimes independently.

Fireweed Children's Chorus is also invited from time to time to perform at Yellowknife community events.

Voice placements are held each year to determine the best seating arrangement for the choir and individual singers and to ensure that all participants are able to pitch match.
We strive for high quality performances, which requires regular attendance at rehearsals.

Every child in the Fireweed Children’s Chorus is a valued participant, and we look forward to seeing friendships grow and develop as much as our singing skills.  It is our goal to bring each child further along on their musical journey through performance, practice, sight-reading and theory.

Workshops are held from time to time with local clinicians and/or those brought in by the Choral Society from southern Canada.

For information about how to join Fireweed Children's Chorus, click here.

For more information, please contact or visit us on Facebook at:

Thanks to Aurora Ford for their continued financial support for the Fireweed Children's Chorus!

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