Northern Lights for NYE 2021

2021 has been a year that kept asking us to change and adapt. For choir singers, we got a new reputation as high risk takers. When we could sing together, we adapted to singing while distanced and wearing masks. When we couldn’t safely meet in person, we learned how to make the most of Zoom rehearsals. We also become a little more comfortable recording ourselves singing on our own, making personal vocal recordings and having those recordings mixed together to create a virtual choir experience. It wasn’t as rewarding as being a part of a larger instrument of voices, but it gave our singing some additional purpose.

In 2021, we created several digital projects. Some allowed us to record ourselves together, others did not and the choral experience was achieved virtually. One of those virtual projects was to create a music video for Ola Gjeilo’s “Northern Lights”. Although he’s lived in the US since 2004, Ola was born and raised in Norway, near Oslo. He remembers seeing the northern lights only once when he was very young. Creating this virtual choir project seemed the perfect opportunity to share the marvel and majesty of the northern lights.

To accompany this beautiful and challenging piece, we chose footage of Yellowknife’s sky filmed on the spring solstice (March 21-22, 2021). Overnight, it was clear and cold with the wind chill making it feel like -24C. The lights danced through the night unfazed by the ebbs and flows of covid.

With these enduring images and sounds, we say good bye to 2021 and look upwards and onwards to 2022. We wish everyone clear skies, warm hearts, good health and much music.

We hope your enjoy this:

For tonight’s aurora forecast check out:

Photo by Corinne Urakawa