Sharing our Passion for choral music

Yellowknife Choral Society

We are Yellowknife, NWT’s adult and children’s choirs.

Our choirs are singing in-person again subject to new covid-related safety provisions.  

We are in the midst of recording and filming for our December 31st online release of “Hindsight”, a look back at 2020 through music and writings by members of Aurora Chorealis. More details to follow soon.

If you would like to join us next season, our choirs welcome new singers every January and September.

Aurora Chorealis

is open to adults and graduates of Fireweed Children’s Chorus. Membership is open to anyone who can ‘carry a tune’. Singers will do a voice placement with the Director to find the best fit for their voice in the choir.

Under covid rules, our Tuesday night rehearsals are shorter and smaller and are broadcast on Zoom for singers who can’t join us in person.

Please click below for more information about us and our season plan.

Fireweed Children’s Chorus

is open to any singer in Grades 2 – 8.
Members may be accepted throughout the year, depending on our performance schedule.

Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings throughout the school year.

The choir performs independently and with Aurora Chorealis.

Why do we Sing in THE Choir?