Welcome to the Yellowknife Choral Society


Choir in the time of Covid 19

Although limitations affect our ability to sing together and hold concerts for live audiences, the Yellowknife Choral Society remains committed to all our choral mission of sharing our passion for choral music.   We will continue to sing and to: 

*  Develop our members' skills and capabilities as singers and musicians
*  Play a key role in the cultural activities of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories; and
* Enter into partnerships with other entertainers and cultural groups to advance the recognition of choral music in the Yellowknife cultural community

We are developing new approaches to choral singing and will have updates on a unique 2020-2021 season by August, 2020.   Two recent examples of our work mid-pandemic are:

North: https://youtu.be/mveqVYl3LaY  

Homebound Mashup: https://youtu.be/qRoI8GWlDiU

A new website is under development and news of our programming (past and future) can be located on Facebook and Instagram, or by email request at ykchoralsociety@gmail.com